BLOG THE 1st:  Steak & Potatoes
A rib-eye with potatoes garlicky and zucchini grilled & marinated.

BLOG THE 2nd:  Our Daily Salad
Postscript to steak & potatoes:  salad, fruit, & sweet coffee.

BLOG THE 3rd:  Pork Chop Breaded & Broiled
A staple of the workday repertoire

BLOG THE 4th:  Broccoli Garlicky
Side-kick to a pork chop breaded & broiled.

BLOG THE 5th:  Carrots Lemony
A RED ready-to-hand to flank a pork chop breaded and broiled.

BLOG THE 6th:  Mushrooms Garlicky
A supererogatory side, or else a pasta garlicky, a risotto, or even a frittata

BLOG THE 7th:  Lentils or Pintos 'n pasta
Vegan fare for Fridays in Lent.

BLOG THE 8th:  Asparagus 'n Eggs
A match made in heaven for meatless Fridays

BLOG THE 9th:  Artichokes 'n Potatoes
Stuffed with love or braised with ease.

BLOG THE 10th:  A Sunday Gravy
Tomato sauce gravied by a medley of meats.

BLOG THE 11th:  Easter Lamb

"Christ our pasch has been sacrificed. Let us keep the feast ..."

BLOG THE 12th:  On Roasting a Kid with Potatoes
... or if you prefer, a Chicken cut-up.

BLOG THE 13th:  Kid Friendly Cutlets
Beef cutlets breaded & fried, with broccoli lemony & cabbage barbary.

BLOG THE 14th:  Cabbage Barbary
Red cabbage, why bother?

BLOG THE 15th:  On Saving the Irish
... with wine-dyed London Broil.

BLOG THE 16th:  Greens 'n Potato Mash
With a side of dry-roasted meat.

BLOG THE 17th:  Zucchini in Season
Oniony with an egg finish.

BLOG THE 18th:  Eggplant in Season
Make it easy, make it garlicky.

BLOG THE 19th:  A Tomato Salad
A Musing on the Simplest Things.

BLOG THE 20th:  On Saracens, Sugar, & Sicily
... and two recipes for red peppers tangy 'n sweet.

BLOG THE 21st:  Is it Eggplant alla Parmigiana or alla parmiciana?
Recipes southern & northern.

BLOG THE 22nd:  On What Antipasto Is.

BLOG THE 23rd:  Lasagna Pure & Simple.

BLOG THE 24th:  Oh, to Woo with Tiramsú!
An instant classic.

BLOG THE 25th:  Squid, squid, or squid?
Calamari three ways:  braised, broiled, or fried

BLOG THE 26th:  Sauce, Sauce, or Sauce?
(Tomato) Sauce Three Ways.

BLOG THE 27th:  On Cauliflower 'n Pasta Two Ways.
Sweet pasta soup or savory pasta sautee.

BLOG THE 28th:  Two Cauliflower Sides.
Cauliflower salad and cauliflower fried crispy

BLOG THE 29th:  On How to Broil & Eat a Fish Whole.
A primer.

BLOG THE 30th:  Fish Steaks, Plus.
Marinades for swordfish & tuna, plus a bonus recipe for filet mignon.

BLOG THE 31st:  Two Ways to Braise Chicken on the Bone
... plus a bonus pork chop recipe!

BLOG THE 32nd:  Chicken Braised with Sausage & Mushrooms
A chicken braise worthy a gentile.

BLOG THE 33rd:  What to do with Green Peppers
... and what not to do.

BLOG THE 34th:  A Reaction to Risotto.
On doing it right or not at all.

BLOG THE 35th:  One potato, two potato, three potato ...
Four Potato Salads, so to speak.

Grilled Chicken Cutlets.

Broiled Loin Lamb Chops.

A T-Bone w/Asparagus & a Sweet Potato.

BLOG THE 36th:  The Wines of My People.
Or at least the ones I like

Asparagus Risotto quick 'n easy as can be.

Leftover Genius, Frittata!

BLOG THE 37th:  Chicken Cutlets Fancy.
Three ways.

BLOG THE 38th:  Octopus
In a Seafood Salad (plus Bonus Baby Braise).

BLOG THE 39th:  At the heart of Minestrone
Savoy Cabbage Braise or Pasta 'n Potatoes?

BLOG THE 40th:  The Glories of the Pea
In Transcendental Array

BLOG THE 41st:  Pickling Cherry Peppers
... or Italian Eggplant "Sott'olio"